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Just as with any strong Discord, we use Roles to showcase different skill sets. These Roles are used to Summon Guilders for different campaigns, and should only be assigned if you can be called upon to complete the necessary tasks associated with each of them.

You can assing yourself roles by going to the #start-here channel and clicking on the emoji underneath the legend/description of all the roles. The role will then be automagically assigned to you.

Developer Roles

SidekickNew ApplicantsAssigned to new people applying to join the DAO.
MarksmanDesignAssigned to members with artistic, graphic design and illustration speciality.
JuggernautBackend/SmartContractsAssigned to members with Java, Python, Rust, Node or any backend development speciality.
Gadgeteer.DevOpsAssigned to members with technical configuration and optimization speciality.
ShapeshifterUI/UX DevAssigned to members with React, CSS, HTML or any other frontend specialities.

Non-Developer Roles

MastermindTreasuryAssigned to members with accounting and finance speciality.
SupersoldierMarketing/BizDevAssigned to members with expertise in marketing, sales, social media, and growth.
Martial ArtistPMAssigned to members with account management, budgeting and documentation speciality.
MartianDAO ConsultantAssigned to members with expertise in DAO user, advising and consulting.
DjediLegal EngineerAssigned to members with legal advising and analysing capabilities.
BlasterContent CreatorAssigned to members with media expertise such as writing, video taping and podcasting.

Notice a role (or skill) we’re missing? Suggest a new one in the #roles channel and if you get soft consensus deploy it!

As it stands today, Guilders holding at least one share can assign themselves any role they see fit. Please do not overassign yourself in order to give those who are highly skilled in specific areas the chance to shine. We recommend assigning a maximum of 5 roles to start and branching outwards over time.

Roles will be crucial to the development and maintenance of skill-trees, which we hope will fit nicely with a web3 profile that travels with you throughout the Metaverse. More on this later..