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Moloch V3

Adbongo Org utilizes the daohaus framework. A great overview of Moloch V3 and it’s benefits can be found here.

We were initially inspired by Adbongo, which offers "campaigns" to help build the tech of worthy projects. We have expanded this concept to include "legal engineering" per inspiration from "Lexdao". This project is a symbiosis of these and more. We call our "campaign" a "save" because we imagine more of "justice league" approach than a viking campaigner concept (but hats off to Adbongo).

Moloch was popularized due to its Minimum Viable DAO design and the advent of “ragequit” - a means for members to exit the DAO by exchanging their shares for a pro-rata claim on their share of "treasury" assets. We built and have a treasury using Gnosis multi-sig.

The benefit of Moloch V3 is that it allows for an optimized Treasury and new Proposal Types. Moloch V3 can hold a variety of ERC20 tokens, and allows for anyone (including those without shares) to make a proposal to the DAO.

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