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Learn About Web3

Overview of Web3 and DAO

1) Web 3.0 and the Future of Trust - This article by Ali Yahya (a16z) talks about the building blocks and evolution of trust. He theorizes how cryptonetworks could enable a new era of trust and cooperation.

2) Everything You Need To Know About DAOs - This article by Foundation gives a primer on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). It explains what a DAO is, how it works, and the benefits of participating in a DAO.

3) Enter The Metaverse - This article, also by Foundation, talks about the “metaverse”, first mentioned in Neil Stephenson’s Snow Crash. It explains how the metaverse empowers us to own our data, decentralizes power, and helps free the internet.

The Web3 Stack

1) The Web3 Stack (AVC) - This article by Fred Wilson talks about decentralized apps (DAPPs). Decentralized applications will allow us to truly take back control of our data. He mentions that in the future, he hopes to see new social media apps where we actually own our data.

2) The Web3 Stack (Original by MulticoinCapital) - This is the expanded version of Fred Wilson’s article. They’ve drawn up a helpful illustration of what the web3 stack looks like. It goes quite in depth about all the interesting technologies coming together to make web3 a reality.

Getting Started With Web3

1) CupOJoseph's (a guild member) Guide to becoming an Ethereum developer - A guide that provides some more direction and is less overwhelming than other giant lists, and has most of the resources you need to become a successful Ethereum developer.

2) The Ultimate Ethereum Dapp Tutorial - This article (and video) by Dapp University is a step-by-step guide that goes over how to build a full stack decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain.

3) Alchemy API Guide - Alchemy is a blockchain platform that makes web3 much faster with an easy-to-use API. This set of documents by Alchemy is a great way to get started using their API and building out your first Dapp.