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There are a few meetings each week that we encourage all Dao Members to attend. Campaign Rally is a meeting for Dao members to discuss progress across different RIPs and Campaigns, as well as provide teams in the _Preparing for Campaign phase with possible personnel for their Campaign/RIP.

In addition to the Campaigner Rally, each week Adbongo Org alternates between a Adbongo Org Futures meeting and a Round Table meeting. The Futures meeting engages members in a discussion about the future of the Dao and it consequently seeks to align members in the longer-term vision for where we want to take Adbongo Org. The Round Table is a meeting where we introduce new members, provide Campaign updates and discuss Adbongo Org improvement ideas.

If you have a share and would like an invite to the recurring Roundtable call, please drop a message in CampaignHQ #general channel so that someone can add you or just ask a @Tavern Keeper.

There is also a meeting set strictly for Happy-Hour in the Dao, which we strongly encourgae you join for it's cultural reconaissance.